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From time to time, we publish here some of our thoughts on IT and law, some short, some longer, as well as links to our publications and events available on other websites.

Presentation on the legal use of large language models

{ dr. Homoki Péter / 23.06.15 }

This is a short transcript of my presentation in Warsaw at the Modern Bar Association (2023) New Legaltech challenges conference. You can find the presentation slides here. These are the notes of my presentation with slide numbers in square brackets [ ].

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On the importance of lawyer-focused QA benchmarks

{ dr. Homoki Péter / 23.05.29 }

In this blogpost, I would like to highlight the importance of crowdsourcing some datasets by lawyers that are specific to jurisdictions and legal areas. I will also illustrate the difficulties with my own, tiny experiment in the field of legal question answering in Hungarian while using the large language models, both with and without the legal texts provided.

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