Presentation of the Guide on the use of Artificial Intelligence by Lawyers and Law Firms in the EU

{ dr. Homoki Péter / 2022.03.28 }

Brussels, 31st March 2022

Finally, after more than 3 years of preparation and 2 years of project work, the Council of European Bars and Law Societies (CCBE) and the European Lawyers Foundation (ELF) has published the third and final deliverable in the AI4Lawyers project, funded by the European Commission. The deliverable is titled Guide on the use of Artificial Intelligence by Lawyers and Law Firms, and is intended to be a detailed, yet easy-to-read guidance on what opportunities small law practices (solo lawyers and small law firms) may expect with regard to different tools usually understood under the term artificial intelligence, or AI. It was a great honour for me to participate in the project and work as an author of this guide, with lots of contributions from excellent colleagues at CCBE and ELF. What’s more, I have had the privilege of presenting this guide at a conference in Brussels organised by the publishers, with more than 80 in person and 100 online attendants. My next task is to translate this 56-page document into Hungarian, and I hope many other translations will follow suit. No matter how hard we’ve tried to draft a guide that stands the test of time, this is a fast-changing environment, so to remain relevant, we have to act fast. The problem is that relevant legaltech markets are very much fragmented at the level of the EU for small law practices. We hope that this guide will help to focus and standardise some of the needs of smaller law practices, overcoming certain obstacles of these fragmented markets. I recommend every small practices to read the guide available at the newly announced AI4Lawyers website, together with all the other reports and materials created during this AI4Lawyers project. Please find the presentation here

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